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Volunteer Tax Training


This page is a one-stop resource to provide you with information about volunteer tax training to become a VITA or AARP TCE Volunteer. Several training options are available to volunteers throughout the state. Attend any or all!

Tax Tele-Course | Classroom Training | IRS Link & Learn | Volunteer Software Training | Practice Problems

The Tax Tele-Course

The Tax Tele-Course is a series of tax law trainings conducted over the phone and designed to teach volunteers how to prepare taxes at free tax sites across the state of Montana. The curriculum is based on IRS VITA training materials with each session lasting about an hour. Each session is recorded and archived on the Tax Tele-Course page for participants to listen to as many times as they want.


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Classroom Trainings

Classroom trainings are offered in most major cities in Montana.


AARP: Training will be held January 19-22, 2015 at First Baptist Church | 218 North 34th St (across from The Moss Mansion). Contact JoAnn Nelson for more information or to sign up at 406-652-5988.

VITA: Training will be held on the following days. Participants may attend whichever sessions they choose. For more information call or email Tabatha at 406-247-4764 or 

  • December 18, 5-8 pm: Study group at 3116 N 1st (Entrance in the alley).
  • January 14, 5:30-8:30 pm: Customer service and orientation training at Garfield Resource Center.
  • January 17, 9am - noon: Customer service and orientation training at Garfield Resource Center.
  • January 21, 5:30-8:30: MT tax law update and ACA at Garfield Resource Center.
  • January 24, 9am - noon: MT tax law update and ACA at Garfield Resource Center.


VITA: January 6-8, 2014 9am-4pm with a break for lunch | St. Ann's Church 2100 Farrugut Ave. Please contact Carin McClain to sign up at 1-800-745-5546 x 142.


VITA: January 12-13 9am-4pm with a break for lunch at  the Bozeman Public Library | 626 East Main St. Please contact Joelle White at District IX HRDC to sign up at 406-451-4006.

AARP: January 19-24, 2015 at the Bozeman Social Senior Center | 807 N Tracy Ave. For Information contact Chuck Geller at 406-219-3948.


AARP: January 12-16, 2015 at the Hamilton Senior Center | 820 N 4th St. Please contact Franz Erskine at 406-777-3677 to sign upto sign up.




AARP: January 8-9 and January 13-15, 2015. Please leave a voice message at 406-457-7378 for a callback with more information.


VITA and AARP: January 8-9, 2015 from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm at the FVCC Workforce Training Lab | Arts & Resource Building | 745 Grandview Dr | Kalispell, MT 5990l. Contact Porki Harris at 406-257-1296 to sign up.


AARP: January 19-24, 2015 at the Missoula Senior Citizens Center | 705 S Higgins Ave | Contact Paula Plymale at 406-721-0165 to sign up.


AARP: January 5-9, 2015. Contact Porki Harris at 406-257-1296 to sign up.

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IRS Link & Learn

The IRS sponsors online tax preparer training called Link & Learn. This training is completely online and best-suited for independent learners. Visit their website to get started.


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Volunteer Software Training

TaxWise Online Training Videos

These short videos are an excellent way to see how information is entered into the TaxWise Online Software. Each section also includes a printable manual. This is a great resource for new volunteers and a good refresher for returning volunteers. It will prompt you to sign the guest book, please choose ‘Non Military VITA’ for type of organization. If you check the box ‘remember me’ you won’t have to enter your information every time you watch a video.

The videos are organized under the following nine categories:

Getting Started with TaxWise Online- 7 videos (please disregard the ‘How do I start an interview?’ video since we don’t use the interview function with TaxWise. It can really wreak havoc with the return so please avoid here and during the season!)

Basic Income8 videos

Basic Adjusted Gross Income- 4 videos

Basic Tax Deductions and Calculations- 3 videos

Basic Credits- 4 videos

Basic Other Taxes- 1 video

Basic Payments- 2 videos

Basic Finishing a Return- 2 videos

Enhancements- 1 video (this section has information on how to new complete ACA forms. Be sure to choose the TaxWise Online video- not the Desktop video.)back to top

Practice Problems

2014 Publication 4491-W Answers

Check back for the the completed practice problems from the 2014 Publication 4491-W. 


*Note: when filing out the Social Security lump sum worksheet, be sure to complete one for each year. Also, make an entry for the amount received this year on the line that says "Gross amount received attributable to 2011."






*Note: The answer sheet had a mistake for line 65 and 66. Line 66 should have $1,000 and Line 65 should be 0.

*Note: The answer sheet had mistakes for the following items:

  • Schedule A, line 9: $4,388
  • 1040, line 40: $11,088
  • 1040, line 43: $27,136
  • 1040, line 44: $3,461
  • 1040, line 61: $2,987
  • 1040, line73 and 74: $1,345


*Make sure to enter amounts for Non-Business Residential Property Credit on line 6a of Form 5695.


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